How Do I Know if I Need Wide Shoes?

Are you worried about how do I know if I need wide shoes? Not to worry, Read on…

Shoes are an essential part of our daily fashion. It is crucial to choose a perfect size shoe to keep our feet healthy. Besides, you need to know which type of shoe is best for your feet. According to your feet, you should consider a choice. If your feet are wide, you need shoes that fit you. So, you have to gather knowledge about shoe sizing if you need wide shoes?

In present time, 7.8 billion people exist on earth. It’s quite impossible to have the same size of feet. There are three types of feet- pronator, neutral, or supinator. Wide feet take place in the pronator type.

What causes wide feet?     

Having wide feet is nothing to worry; it can cause by other health problems. Wide feet causes by many other issues-

  • If you were born with wide feet that natural, it may causes by hormone.
  • If you feel wide feet from childhood, it causes playing.
  • But if you feel wide feet by having different types of shoes, then it’s not right. Then it is not natural. And it can be harmful and uncomfortable for your daily progress.
  • As you are getting older your feet to make wrinkles and can cause wide feet
  • Pregnancy is another cause to have wide feet. On pregnancy time ligaments, toe, bones joints around feet become loosen then before.
  • A medical term called swelling may cause widens feet.

A flat arch causes wide feet, and it’s a genetic condition. Everyone doesn’t get it by born. Even it may be possible when you last measure that was not wide, but because of some carelessness, your feet become wide. That’s why you need to know is your feet wide or not.

How Do I Know if I Need Wide Shoes?

There are some ways to measure your feet. But before the measure, you need to keep some things in your mind. Don’t measure your feet in the day time. Because the human body expands during the day, so you should measure at night. If you are wearing shoes or socks, then remove them before stepping. Now you can measure-

  • Take a new fresh paper.
  • Place your feet on the paper
  • Outline with a pen or pencil
  • Take the measurement and compare with before analysis and also with a shoe sizing chart

According to the shoe chart, you can easily identify that do you have wide feet or not? If your measurement is more significant than 3.50, then you have wide feet. If you have wide feet, you also need wide shoes for you.  If feet measurement is in 2.81-3.13, then you have narrow feet, and you need tight shoes. If the measure took place between 3.19-3.50, then you have average feet, and you can purchase any type of footwear according to your choice.

And if your measurement took place in 3.56-3.88, then you have wide feet, and you need wide shoes. And if your feet measurement is more than 3.88, then you have extra wide feet. You should use footwear according to your feet size. Don’t choose according to your wishes. A perfect measure size shoe will keep your feet healthy, comfortable, hygienic, and fruitful.

Shoe Size Chart for Men

shoe sizing chart for men


Shoe Size Chart for Women

Statistic says people common problem on wide feet is-

  • They feel uncomfortable with wide feet
  • They can’t choose a stylish shoe that not suit wide feet.
  • They can’t have proper footwear as there comfort.
  • If they choose regular footwear, it can be painful.

Some people do surgery turn widen feet into normal. But it’s not a good idea. It even can cause many problems in older age like paralyzed, cancer, etc.

A wide foot can causes trouble, but if you have wide feet, then you should obey some rules to keep your feet healthy and fruitful. They are-

  • Select shoes according to your foot size.
  • Try to have sports shoes when you are going to play or doing similar activities.
  • Wide feet are also flat in size; don’t try hill shoes.

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4 Reasons You May Need Wide Width Shoes

If you have wide feet and don’t want to obey the rules of having wide feet, then you can face these problems.

Neuropathy: Neuropathy is a dysfunctional problem on nerves of feet. Neuropathy is a crucial problem of feet that you can’t feel about footwear. Mostly it accrues with diabetic patients. A high sugar level can damage nerves.

Besides some others, the habit can damage nerves like- history smoking, alcoholism, etc. when you suffer from neuropathy; you won’t feel any touch on your feet. This disease makes your feet numbness, tingling, and pain too.

How to prevent neuropathy

  • Avoid walking barefoot and injuring your feet.
  • Physical exercise can prevent neuropathy and pain also.
  • Eat healthy food like vegetable, fruits to reduce weight
  • Also best shoes can prevent foot problem like neuropathy

Bunion: Bunion is another wide feet problem. In our foot, there are many types of bones called tarsal, metatarsal. Bunions accrue in the connection of tarsal bone with 1st metatarsal bone. When pain occurs inside of the foot at the big toe joint it may bunions pain.

If you have wide feet, you should wear wide shoes, but when you wear high heels, too small or narrow feet, pointed-toe shoes, it causes bunions. So you need a wide shoe to prevent it.

How to prevent Bunions

  • Bunions prevented only by surgery.
  • As it’s happening by you so you should more careful about your footwear.
  • Having comfortable footwear, you can progress your condition too.
  • Some special shoes for bunions are available in the market that will help you to prevent it.

Corns and Calluses: Corns and Calluses is a wide feet problem. If you are suffering from corns and calluses that means you are not conscious about your feet. You have small or too narrow footwear, that’s why you are suffering from corns and calluses. When you need a wide shoe, but you try a small, narrow, or tide shoe, your feet skin get a pressure.

As a result, your skin makes a hard wall called corns and calluses.

How to prevent Calluses and Corns

  • To prevent corns and calluses, you only need a perfect size shoe.
  • Your shoe must not be tight, narrow, or extra deep.
  • If you wear a perfect size of shoes, it need only some time to prevent, even without any medical help.

Morton’s Neuroma: When you feel irritation, trauma, or excessive pressure in your toe, it causes Morton’s neuroma. There is a nerve that connects ligament with the metatarsal bone; Morton’s Neuroma occurs there. In general, Cause women wear fit, tide, and high heels. So, a woman faces this problem more than men.

How to prevent Morton’s Neuroma

  • Have to avoid wear high-heel and tight shoes
  • Wear shoes that have a wide toe box
  • For exercising or playing gave try to use athletic shoes for better experience

If you have wide feet and you don’t obey the rules, you may face this problem. To prevent this problem, you need wide shoes to ease the pain. There are two types of treatment, surgical and non-surgical. For surgical treatment, you need to visit a doctor or feet specialist. Besides, you can take non-surgical treatment also.

How to Slim Wide Feet

If you want to make your wide feet slim, then you can follow some rules. That provided some foot specialists. In general, wide feet cause weight. You have to gym or regular exercise to reduce your weight that may help you. You should also try soft narrow or slim feet shoe in selected times to make your feet thin.

But if you are fat by born, then it won’t help as much. Cause it depends on your natural structure. So you should consult a doctor if you want to slim it permanently.

How to Choose Comfortable Footwear for wide feet

Shoes are a daily use product. You should use the shoe carefully. Don’t try slim or narrow shoes if you have wide feet. If you have wide feet and you choose a slimmer feet shoe, it will mismatch your nature. How you will choose comfortable footwear for wide feet –

  • You should keep in mind that you have wide feet, so you need wide toe box shoes
  • A flat shoe is a good option for wide feet
  • Barefoot also an excellent idea for wide feet
  • Shoes have to be flexible and comfortable to use

How to Measure Your Feet at Home

Final Verdict

Footwear is the most important thing for a person. Cause shoes are the only thing that we always use. Besides, shoes reflect on your mind. So, you should choose a good, comfortable, stylish shoe. Shoes will help you to catch other’s attention, and also to be safe. Correct measurement is only one way to choose.

Always wear the correct size of shoes according to the measure that will fit well. Use perfect footwear; make an ideal performance. Hope by reading this article now it’s easy to tell how do I know if I need wide shoes.

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