How To Tell If Shoes Are Non Slip [Definitive Guide]

Are you want to know How To Tell If Shoes Are Non Slip? If so, you have interred in right place to know details about which is really non slip shoes. In this guide We will take a look at

#1. How To Tell If Shoes Are Non Slip or Slip Resistant?

#2.  How do Slip Resistant Shoes Work?

#3. What’s the best Nonslip shoe for you?

#4. What Makes Non-Slip Shoes Not Slippery?

And many more.

How To Tell If Shoes Are Non Slip 


Non slip shoes are best suited for use on slippery surfaces as their outsoles are made to offer great grip. Telling if a shoes in slip resistant has been a difficult task to many shoe lovers.  Now you are going to learn how to tell if shoes are non slip? Lets dive..


Before you settle on any choice, you should always check on the environment where you will be using the shoes. The type of environment where you will be using the shoe helps in determining if the shoe is suitable. Try testing the shoes on different types of floor surfaces and tiles. This will enable you know the best type of outsole that fits the environment where you will be using it.


The outsole is an essential component that plays a crucial role in making shoe slip-resistant. This means you need to be very careful with the outsole when shopping for the non slip shoes.

When choosing the outsole, check the design and pattern of the tread. Remember that outsole treads are available in different modes like triangles, circles, squares, and hexagons. These patterns will ensure your shoes have enough grip on the floor whenever it is used on wet or slippery surfaces.

Every tread shape and patters offer varying slip resistance level. However, the outsoles which are made using hexagon, triangle, or square patterns usually have a flat edge that helps in preventing any liquid from moving away from the sole.


Non slip shoes have their outsole made of different materials. In most cases, the outsoles are made using soft rubber or synthetic materials. Check on the type of material using in making the outsole of the shoe. In most cases, people are advised to go for outsole made using soft rubber.

Other Tips to Put in Mind

Here some different tips that will help you to tell if a shoe is non slip or not.

Check the footwear bottom

You need to check if the footwear bottom is made using the large lugs or the fine threads. Go for shoes that come with small lugs since they are known to indicate a more excellent non-slip capability.

Try Feeling the sole of the shoe

Consider feeling the footwear sole apart from just using your sight. Is the sole very hard or very soft to use? Is it stiff or versatile? It is highly recommended that you go for soles made from soft materials like rubber. This is because the soft materials have an excellent grip on wet and slippery surfaces.

Try using oil or soap to test

You can pour some oil or water on a slippery floor. Try examining the shoe to find out if it is non slip or not. Ensure the testing is thorough to enable you to make the right choice.

Features of Best Non-Slip Shoes

non slip shoes

  1. Rubber outsole for extra grip
  2. Flexible to use
  3. Have to be Comfortable and stylish
  4. Slip Resistant proof at any surface
  5. Lightweight and breathable
  6. Roomy toe box
  7. High quality arch support


How do Slip Resistant Shoes Work?

Since you are informed on how to tell if shoes are non slip, it is essential to know how they work. The non-slip shoes work based on the more flexible and soft the rubber sole is together with excellent treads, the more traction or grip the shoe user will get on whatever surface they are walking on. These shoe soles have been made to push liquids away, thereby preventing any slippage of grease, oil, or water.

Shoes having higher levels of friction are made of deeper tread grooves. It is these deep grooves that help in resisting falls and slips since they correctly grip on the ground surfaces. However, the pattern shape on the outsole of slip-resistant shoes can affect their grip. Outsoles of the circle and multiple designs will increase grip on oily and wet surfaces. 

Shoes of flat design will help in preventing the liquids from getting away from the shoe base, especially when walking. Shoe treads are also made to offer the wearer with a better grip on oily and wet surfaces.

What’s the Best Nonslip shoe for you?

The best nonslip shoe for you is the one that will provide you with excellent traction. They have better traction than others and are made using deep tread grooves that offer better friction between the wearer and the surface.

The outsole is made using a soft material, which provides an excellent grip whenever you are walking on the ground. The best shoes are also able to feet well on your feet and available in a great design, which you will be confident when walking with.

They   have leading edges on the outsole that offer great traction and create a strong grip between the shoe and the surface. This will ensure their no chance of slipping or falling.  Unique rubber which is used in making the outsole works against any slippery surface you can be exposed to. All the pattern aspects are made to ensure slipping is difficult.

What Makes Non-Slip Shoes Not Slippery?

Most people are always wondering why the slip resistance shoes are never slippery. We have two different aspects, which can make the non slip shoes to be as stable as they are always—first, design of the outsole and the set up of the grooves and lugs. The second aspect is the type of material used in making the shoe bottom. These features will make non slip shoes very safe to walk.

The non slip shoes have a unique outsole pattern. The shapes used on the patterns play an important role in preventing flow of liquid through the outsole. This ensures the shoes have great grip which enables them to resist any slipping or falling. 

A unique rubber has been used in making the outsole. The rubber sole provides a strong grip to walk without any problem. This will work against any slippery effect the shoes can be exposed to when walking.

How to Make Shoes Non Slip

Final Verdict

Slip resistance shoes offer more surface contact with their tread patters. Non slip shoes will ensure more of tread pattern that helps in resisting any fall or slipping comes into contact with the floor.  Hope, The above tips helps you for how to tell if shoes are non slip? If you have any suggestion feel free to share your thought with us.

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