Nike Air Max 97 Review

  • Attractive design
  • More comfortable to wear in Summer
  • They are super breathable
  • Made with best material
  • So many colors to choose
  • Little bit expensive
  • Narrow shoe
  • Take time to break in

Today we are looking at on the  nike air max  97. Its original release back  in 1997 there’s a lot of reasons why  it’s still around now.

Nike air max  97 and the official colorway is  white wolf gray and black . If you are thinking about getting a  pair of shoes. Of course one of the main things you are  going to think about is the shoe sizing.

Now when it comes to the sizing,  my personal experience these were a true  to size fits.  These shoe fit  narrow but of course you do  have to break these in like most other  sneakers as well to get the full benefit  in terms of its comfort and sizing.

If you do have wide  feet then maybe go half a size up.  Because I think  one size up would be too long for your  foot. this sneaker is so  popular  of course for it’s sleek design. It just  separates itself from all the other air  maxes out there.

It’s comfortable and so stylish at  the same time. The rubber outsole of this shoes adds more traction and durability. This  is one of the sneakers you would go to for  the summer.

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